Pointe West Management Apartments in Blacksburg, VA

Apartment Name: Pointe West Management
Map Location: E 6
Community: Blacksburg
Address: 208 South Main Street
City: Blacksburg
State: VA
Zip: 24060
Email: pointewestmanagement@gmail.com
Management: Pointe West Management
Phone: 540-953-1341
Security Deposit: 1 Month Rent
Pets: Some Units

UnitsDescription Rent
Studio-FurnishedStarting at $775
Apartments1 BRStarting at $600
Pack Place Apts2 & 3 BRRanging from $850 - $1025
Townhomes4 BRStarting at $1200
Downtown Condos-Starting at $1375
Single Family HomesStarting at $950
Individual Bedroom rentalStarting at $400

Features:Pointe West Management offers a multitude of properties throughout Blacksburg and Christiansburg. With short and long term rentals, furnished and unfurnished units and many different property types ranging from condos and apartments to duplexes and single family homes, we have the perfect rental for students, graduates, families and professionals alike. Call us today for more information.



  1. Reem Alachmar says:

    Good day
    Iam looking for 1 bed room apartment for one month only frome (NOV .20.2015 – DEC.19.2015)
    Please let me know if you have any thing available

    Thank you
    Reem Alachmar

    • Seem, make sure that you go directly to the Pinte West Management Company listing in our web site, and request information there. You’ll see a form “CHECK AVAILABILITY” on the left hand side. Fill this out and the apartment leasing agent will get your request directly. You have posted your request for information on our public blog post, and the individual apartment managers seldom look at this post.

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